ASV environment variables

Benchmarking and build commands are run with the following environment variables available:

  • ASV: true
  • ASV_PROJECT: the project name from the configuration file
  • ASV_ENV_NAME: name of the currently active environment
  • ASV_ENV_TYPE: type of the currently active environment
  • ASV_ENV_DIR: full path to the currently active environment root
  • ASV_CONF_DIR: full path to the directory where asv.conf.json is
  • ASV_BUILD_DIR: full path to the build directory (checked-out source path + repo_subdir)
  • ASV_BUILD_CACHE_DIR: full path to the build cache directory
  • ASV_COMMIT: commit hash of currently installed project

If there is no asv-managed environment, build, or cache directory, or commit hash, those environment variables are unset.

The following environment variables controlling Python and other behavior are also set:

  • PATH: environment-specific binary directories prepended
  • PIP_USER: false
  • PYTHONNOUSERSITE: True (for conda environments only)
  • PYTHONPATH: unset (if really needed, can be overridden by setting ASV_PYTHONPATH)

Custom environment variables

You can send custom environment variables to build and benchmarking commands by configuring the matrix setting in asv.conf.json.