airspeed velocity

airspeed velocity (asv) is a tool for benchmarking Python packages over their lifetime. Runtime, memory consumption and even custom-computed values may be tracked. The results are displayed in an interactive web frontend that requires only a basic static webserver to host.

See an example airspeed velocity site.

License: BSD three-clause license.




Michael Droettboom would like to thank the following contributors to asv:

  • Pauli Virtanen
  • Thomas Robitaille
  • Richard Hattersley
  • Matthew Turk
  • Antoine Pitrou
  • Christoph Deil
  • Chris Beaumont
  • Kacper Kowalik
  • Erik M. Bray
  • Nathan Goldbaum
  • MinRK
  • Christopher Whelan
  • Robert T. McGibbon